Integrated Business Technology Solutions

IBT Mail

Securing and Managing an Information-Driven World

IBT delivers a range of cloud based Email and Web services including Spam and Virus filtering, Email continuity, Email Encryption and Email Archiving.

Email Filtering

  • Over 99 % spam detection rate
  • Less than 1:1,000,000 false positive rate
  • Low per user cost
  • No hardware or software to setup
  • No capital outlay /No administration
  • Complete security & confidentiality


Email Continuity

  • IBTMail provides emergency email access in the event of email downtime on your network. Downtime on your network can occur for a number of reasons - hardware failure, software issues, human error.


Email Archiving

  • This is a "Software as a Service" solution and can be deployed very quickly
  • Minimum upfront costs - no software or hardware required for email archiving
  • A simple change to your current configuration will make the email archiving active
  • All historical emails can be uploaded to the service


Email Boundary Encryption

  • The Email Laundry Email Boundary Encryption service ensures all email communications between organisations are kept completely confidential.